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I started this site a few years ago and always meant to write a blog along side it but never got around to it. Finally this is my first blog post of hopefully many 🙂

If you ever watched the film You’ve got mail I am sure you will sympathise with the small book store owner who is being pushed out of the market by the big chain store retailers. 

That got me thinking on a recent online shopping trip on google. I was looking for a new wedge bolster to prop clients up during treatments. I use a massage table without a back rest so that it is as light as possible so on some treatments I carry a wedge bolster with me which acts as a very comfy back rest.

I normally use one retailer but its good to shop around sometimes. I was going through various retailers websites and it was only a small handfull that were specialist massage supply retailers. A lot of the retailers sold massage equipment alongside various other goods such as office equipment, rabbit hatches, motorbike covers. You name it it was there. I decided to call them up and get some advice and it was clear the call answerer knew nothing about the art of massage. 

So why are they selling massage equipment? To make a quick buck I guess. And if they are in for just the money then is the equipment of the highest quality?

I think we as therapists should make sure the retailers in the industry remain specialists otherwise the retail part of the industry will go like the small bookstore where you could once go in and get advice on books from the resident bookworm! We need our suppliers to know the ins and outs of massage.

So I say support those retailers who sell just massage equipment and who are specialists in the area. Although price will of course be a big determining factor when you purchase you will no doubt pay a small bit extra for that book in the small local bookstore than you will at Amazon but I think it is worth it to have the extra advice and knowledge available to you.

I am the type of person who would prefer to walk down to my local area and find a butcher, baker and green grocer rather than go to tesco. The soul is gone out of our shopping and I don’t want that to happen to the massage industry both for my own benefit as I plan on being a therapist for a long time yet and the benefit of the newly qualified therapists coming into the industry. I want them to have access to good advice and top quality products that will portray our industry in the professional manner it should be portrayed.

So like it’s good to support local with your food produce please SUPPORT SPECIALIST massage supply retailers on your next purchase.

It’s like going to a specialist bicycle shop to get fitted with the right bike by a cycling enthusiast versus going to halfords for a cheaply made bike where the staff don’t know much about it.


I hope you agree and now I will stand down from my soap box till next time!!!

If you wish to add a blog/article of your own or would like to suggest something I can write about please let me know on the address below. Anything that can help others is what it’s all about!