A list of Retailers & Brands

Brand Names

There are 2 main UK brand names providing quality massage tables and equipment. There are one or two more but they are based outside the UK and I have heard of people having problems trying to get in touch with them and having to return the massage table to another country when faulty at their own cost so for this reason I don’t wish to mention them in case people who read this have problems after purchasing from them. 

The three I can recommend based on owning massage tables from both of them and having experienced a good after sales service are: Affinity, Porta-lite and Earthworks.

I wont give you details of where to buy them as I don’t get any benefit from either of these brands or their distributors. However, i will say they are good quality brands and they are worth checking out!

Online Retailers


  1. Massage Warehouse UK

Quite pleasant to deal with and they have a large range of massage tables and       accessories. I have bought my most recent massage table from them and I find they are the cheapest by far for accessory items such as couch covers etc.


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